Profitability Improvement

Business owners have a lot of areas occupying their time and attention. The variety and constant change can become overwhelming – especially with so much that is outside our direct control.  At Virtus Group we have an array of tools that will help you hone in on the things that matter most to your profit formula so you can focus on implementing actions that will actually move the needle on your bottom line.

We leverage our experience helping other entrepreneurs to provide suggestions and solutions but at the end of the day we know that no one knows your business better than you do. The core of our approach involves a collaborative effort that engages your team to create an action plan that they feel committed to and to which they can be held accountable.   

Some examples of frameworks we can help you with:

Waste Audit

  • Expenses are often the only thing totally in our control.  We engage in a comprehensive assessment of the biggest areas of waste in your business and create a One Page Plan that focuses the team on your top priorities and sets out timelines and responsible parties to create accountability.

Sales Strategy Facilitation

  • The role of sales is to identify customer goals, problems in achieving those goals, and to develop their explicit needs you can satisfy.  It has been proven that Sales and Process go hand in hand. So many organizations lack strategically, and well established, documented sales processes subjected to continual improvement.  Most have some good elements but suffer from gaps.  With a sound foundation in strategy, we will facilitate developing a 10 step sales process either from the ground up or by addressing your gaps. 

Product / Service Surround Assessment

  • Those things our customers value most can sometimes be overlooked in our pursuit of improving our core.  We use the Product Surround tool to identify strategies to better engage with your customers and bring them a higher perception of the value you provide.

Product Portfolio Analysis

  • Most businesses offer an array of different products or services with each contributing varying levels of profit to our bottom line.  At the same time we are also trying to find the next product or service that customers want.  It can be very challenging to decide where to spend our efforts.  We use the Product Portfolio Analysis to facilitate the process – to both assess our existing lines of business and also to determine the best place to invest our development time and money.

What our clients are saying

There are a lot of accountants out there who can do year ends and tax returns, but it’s the advice from Theo and Virtus Group as well as the willingness to go above and beyond for me and my business that add so much value. It extends beyond the financials. Virtus Group helped me put together a 5-year plan for sustainable growth and expansion. They’ve always given me honest advice about my business, and they’ve helped me strategically plan for the future."
Mitch Holtvogt, Owner, Vern's Paint & Body

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